About - Shobitam


Making Indian fashion affordable....Exquisite Saree Collection & Indian Jewelry

We are a 2 sister team in the West coast of United States. A passion for wearing good clothes and also designing them is the foundation for this venture. We realize that there is a growing need and desire among Indian women living outside India to catch up with the latest trends. We also believe that women deserve to wear fine high quality sarees and jewelry without breaking their bank accounts. By working closely with weavers and selling directly to our customers, through our online platform we cut out the ‘middleman’, and offer great prices, while delivering the best quality with collection of sarees. When our mom suggested Shobitam as our brand name and our dad volunteered to help with the logistics, we didn’t see any reason to not pursue our dream.

All our stock is located in the US and ships by the next business day.

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