Have an old saree you have worn too many times? Turn it into a home decor piece!

Sarees are so versatile that their value stays put even if they are worn out — they can be transformed into a multitude of fabric-based home decor pieces. Ranging from cushion covers and bedspreads to an embroidered wall hanging, it could be just the perfect DIY project for you as you prepare your home for this year’s festive season. 

Repurposing old sarees - Sarees DIY


As a bonus, you are bound to feel great about having contributed towards building yourself a sustainable life and lifestyle. Feels like an exciting challenge you are up to? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Stitch up covers

Anything that needs a cover in your home can find one in the folds of your old sarees. The more threadwork on it, the better it would look as a decor piece. Even good old solids can do wonders if you pair or contrast them right. You could use different hues to complete your cushion cover set or put together a patchwork cover for your quilt.

Sheer curtains alert

If you have a flowy fabric saree in your wardrobe that you don’t need anymore, you could pull up the drapes and stitch them into a pair of curtains. It would be even better if the fabric is a sheer one — hues could range from midnight darkness to sombre pastels. If you have a bright sunny solid, it could be a great way to infuse happy vibes into your space.

Kitchen ka-ching!

From cooking dishes to upgrading appliances — festivals are the perfect time to elevate your kitchen experience. This year, you could perhaps add kitchen decor to your list, without it becoming a burden on your pocket. Just upcycle your old saree to put together something for the dining table, walls or even a little something for the floors!

The ceiling is your limit, start experimenting!