Brighten Up Your Days With The Flavors Of Bengal

If one were to list the most renowned writers, artists and thinkers in the country, they would find several Bengalis in the list. An amalgamation of art, history, politics, innovation and intellect, Bengal is an emotion that links them all. With history as old as time, the area's culture has incorporated the best from everyone that has landed on its shore. Wouldn't it be amazing to own a saree that captures glimpses of this richness? Here are our top picks!

Pujo Beauty!

Handpainted with love, this Pujo-themed saree is a perfect gift for someone who might be craving a piece of home. It brings along the warmth of love and affection, letting the wearer reminisce memories and feel a rush of nostalgia. 

Pujo Sarees

The Alphabet

Made with a lustrous silk linen fabric, this saree is an ode to the spirit of all things Bengali. It pays tribute to the sweetest language in the country while being the perfect soft drape for a day out on a hot summer afternoon.

Bengali Alphabet


Wedding Bells

Bengali weddings are a precious affair dotted with many adorable traditions. Right from the attire of the bride and groom to the vividness of the rituals! This saree captures it all, a conversation starter indeed.

Bengali Bride and Groom

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