Handpainted sarees - A poetry in Motion

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is a painting that is felt rather than seen - Leonardo da Vinci

The spiritually stimulating Paintings of Pattochitra, Tanjore art, and Kalamkari shine light on our time-honored cultures and traditions. Our latest collection is a canvas for these divine art forms that are mesmerizing to one’s eye and mind. 

Tanjore Style Handpainted sarees - A Holy connection blending the North and South

The shimmering silk from the holy land of Banaras becomes the perfect foil for the divine Tanjore-style painting of the most revered God and Goddess. The opulent zari perfectly compliments the gold embellished figurines. Known to destroy sins and bring in prosperity, the divine beauty of the all-pervasive deities is painstakingly captured in all its glory in these six yards. 

Kalamkari - A sacred painting that connects the past to present 


With eye-catching colors, and attractive paintings of peacocks, vines, or the tree of life that are often painted in a network pattern, the kalamkari is truly a spiritual expression of nature. An art that has survived centuries, the versatility and the warmth of Kalamkari make it a modern favorite. The wide golden Zari borders that skirt the mystical kalamkari body give these sarees a soul of their own.

Pattochitra -  An intricate tale of tradition and fantasy 

The intricate brush strokes of the age-old Pattochitra style painting bring alive a thousand tales of mythology and tradition. Painted by dextrous hands of artists who practice the art form with great discipline, these sarees are an ode to the marvelous artform of pattochitra where everything from the dye to the canvas is prepared by the craftsman themselves.

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