Vegan Sarees

Vegan Sarees

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      What are Vegan Sarees?

      If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the mesmerizing silk sarees, we have the perfect products for you - Vegan sarees. These sarees are lightweight, easy-to-drape, and available in attractive color combinations.

      What are Vegan Sarees?

      Vegan sarees are the fabric derived from the edible parts of many plants that are harvested, the agro residue remains which usually end in landfills. This residue is rich in biopolymers that make robust textile fabrics, which are then
      woven into yarns and then eventually used to make sarees.

      An example of a Vegan saree that we showcase is the Banana silk saree, which are also known as “Vazhai Naaru Pattu" in Tamil, which literally means 'Banana fiber silk'.

      Origin of the Vazhai Naaru Pattu

      The significantly high cultivation of bananas in the southern states of India has lead to innovative ideas in using the by-products of the Banana plant - the fiber from Banana stalk being one of them. These eco-friendly fibers are now very popular amongst the saree-wearing demography of the region, and their simple yet pretty color combinations make them a highly sought-after saree!

      The texture of Vegan sarees
      The sheen and feel of the Vegan silk (or Banana Silk) saree is very similar to pure silk and is quite easy to carry too. The weavers take great pains to make the sarees long-lasting.

      Woven in bright colors and adorned with shimmering Zari threads, with a classy traditional pallu - the vegan silk saree is quintessential for every saree lover's wardrobe!

      The yarn of the aloe and kenaf saree is derived from plant waste of Aloe Vera and blended with Kenaf Cotton (which needs less water than the Conventional Cotton plant) and Handwoven into a saree.
      The texture is very similar to a crisp cotton saree and the colors are earthy.

      Maintaining Vegan Sarees

      These sarees have been delicately woven from the agro residues, and thus would require Dry-cleaning to maintain their sheen.