Sarees For Beginners: 4 Light Fabrics For Your First Festive Saree

With the festive season fast approaching, you are bound to go looking for the best pieces to spruce up your wardrobe in anticipation. Sarees can be intimidating for beginners but if house parties and home celebrations are on the cards, could there be a better time to experiment? You don’t even have to worry about not having the space or the resources to routinely adjust the pins and pallu! 
Yes, even with all the help, a saree can be intimidating but once you are settled in and everything is tucked in place, you would be left with the sense of pride and a bunch of Instagram-worthy pictures! If you are planning to buy yourself your first saree, here are some light and affordable fabrics you should consider in your hunt for ‘the one’. 
A beautiful flowy fabric, georgette can be a great pick if you are unsure about stepping into the world of sarees. It is a sheer, lightweight and delicate silk fabric that gives you the freedom to move as you like. The work done on georgette, to create rich-in-design sarees, ranges from Kashmiri to Banarasi — all the ease with the beauty of the best motifs.
Festive Georgette Saree
Created from a fabric derived from the fibre of banana stalks, vegan silk sarees are light and easy to drape. Easily available in a price range of about seven thousand, these sarees come in a variety of hues with attractive designs on them. They have a rich look about them, perfect for an evening out as you enjoy the festivities with your extended family.
Festive Vegan Silks
If you are looking for options that you could wear on special days around the year and not just during festivals, linen sarees could be the perfect pick for you. They come in a variety of bright and light shades — and floral designs. With the range starting from about six thousand, their cost increases with the level of intricacy in the work on the fabric.
Festive Linen Saree
Bright-hued cotton sarees are a great addition to the wardrobe of a person deep-diving into the world of yards with a preference for slightly stiff fabrics. Cotton sarees stay in place when tucked in carefully with the help of pins. They come in such versatile colours and patterns that you can easily wear them regularly, long after the festivities are over!
Festive Cotton Sarees
So go out there and experiment your look with some gorgeous festive sarees!
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