5 Must-Have Colors For Your Wedding Trousseau

With your big day just around the corner, wedding jitters are bound to have heightened. Outfits being put together, jewels being polished, to-do lists piling on. So much to do, so little time!

Wishing there was a way to simplify some bits of it? Well, you could buy some versatile sarees (apart from the quintessential reds, of course!)

 From picking colours that go with most of your jewelry to fabrics that are easy to breathe in, there is a lot you can do to be ever-ready for the million family gatherings and functions ahead of you. Here are some of our favorite picks!

Royally Blue

Kanjivaram Silks are a new bride’s best friend. They are just about heavy and luxurious enough to match your glow! Combine that with heart-melting zari work and, you are all set with a long-lasting asset you can someday pass on to your little ones. 

Blue Silk Sarees

Subtly Bright

Slightly sheer solids are a must-have for your bridal wardrobe. When paired with light gold jewellery, they are an excellent choice for early morning events. You can get creative with blouses to make an attire that refreshes you on days you are functioning on little to no sleep.


Stripes & Tassels

On days you feel overwhelmed and, a bit drained from the rituals, you can spice things up with a few stripes and tassels. These pieces make for light drapes that are comfortable to move in — and are super affordable too!

Happiness Ready

While reds and blues are classic picks for new brides, yellow is the warm and happy your trousseau deserves to have. Couple the charm with floral embroidery and lightly coloured jewels and, you can do no wrong!

Sustainable Beginnings

Since it's the beginning of a new phase of your life, you can use it as an opportunity to add some sustainable practices to your routines. What can be better than buying a light, bright and affordable vegan saree!

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